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Each of the ACEAS groups analyse and synthesise information to gain new insight into the critical question they have chosen to pursue. They produce a variety of outputs, including presentations to their peer groups and the wider community; meeting reports; Final Reports; submissions to government; occasional papers; and of course journal articles in the refereed literature. These are all locatable through the ACEAS web site.





Final Reports

The final reports are summaries of the group activity and are a required outcome of support from ACEAS. They are living documents, in that, as papers and other products emerge, they will be updated. The reports are also to be found on each group’s web page, in which information on progress through their time with ACEAS and photographs of the group members can be found.



Data Portal

The ACEAS Web Portal. This has been designed to publish the data products developed by our participants, and are used where geographical presentation is relevant.




This page contains a compilation of refereed papers produced by working groups and sabbatical fellows.



Occasional Report Series

There are incidental reports that are produced, either through workshops as white papers, or emerging from research activity in which ACEAS has a part. These are available here.

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