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ACEAS Grand Workshop 2013 – Freshwater Ecology

This year’s Grand ACEAS Workshop is centred around Freshwater Ecology and will be held from the 19th-21st June in Brisbane. The Grand Workshop will bring together approximately twenty five nominated participants from nine ACEAS Working Groups that have focussed on topics around ecosystems dependent on our freshwater resources.


Euastacus sulcatus from Lamington National Park, Queensland.These groups are: Techniques for increasing the spatial scale of monitoring, Thresholds and regime shifts in Australian freshwater ecosystems, Integrated catchment planning, Adaptation pathways for aquatic plants, Novel approaches of measuring aquatic connectivity, Metrics of environmental flow ecology, Forest Drought and Mortality and Extinction risk of frogs under climate change.

The Grand Workshop will enable participants to compare and contrast their work and collaborate on common themes of importance. It will provide the opportunity for fresh insights to their existing projects as well as generating new ideas and understanding for Australia’s freshwater ecosystems. The participants will be able to shed light on issues such as:


(i) Variability
What level of exposure do our species and ecosystems face under increasingly variable flow / inundation regimes?
(ii) Climate change
How will our species and ecosystems cope with increasing climate variability?
(iii) Connectivity
How can our ecosystems cope with natural and unnatural disruptions to connectivity, and what can new techniques tell us?


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McPherson’s Crossing, Orara River, Clarence catchment, NSW.